Social media marketing is the backbone of any marketing strategy in today’s world but that’s not enough. Blogging is equally important. It is influential as people trust influencers more than any other source of advertising. Moreover, a frequently updated blog is the key to increase traffic on your blog and the brand of course.

Blogging is a perfect way to win confidence of people and establish a unique identity for yourself or your brand. While you require tons of money for any other marketing technique, blogging is a fast, easy and most inexpensive way of letting the people know about you or your brand and become famous.

From the business perspective, blogging can be one of the best marketing techniques for you as :

People trust blogs

Blogs are the most viable source of information for a major part of our population. People trust bloggers and influencers hence tend to follow them. When a blog becomes famous, the blogger is not treated less than a celebrity.

There are specific categories for blogging and some of the best ways to attract traffic on your blog is to be transparent to people, communicate with them through videos, comments, etc. and excel at whatever you’re blogging about!

It Improves your google ranking

Blogging improves your google ranking in a great manner. An informative, regularly updated blog is the key to boost your google ranking.

People trust blogs and the intensity of traffic on your blog improves your google ranking.

Blogging is interesting and can boost your marketing strategy

Blogging is as interesting and easy as uploading a video or picture to your social media account if you’re really interested in it. It boosts your ranking, marketing strategy and confidence of people in you or your brand. Social media marketing is no doubt, a very popular and easy technique of marketing as well but do not consider blogging any less than that. Blogging can help in establishing and boosting your identity or brand image to a great extent if it is informative, well written and frequently updated.

Above all, consistency is the key to attract traffic to your blog. The more you update the blog, more are the chances to increase/boost your SEO, i.e. Search Engine Optimization that allows the blog to be searched and be on the top when a related keyword is searched through an artificial intelligent database of the search engine that tracks the traffic on your website and show results accordingly.

Moreover, there are keywords that you can assign to every blog you write which helps in boosting the SEO. Also, the number of shares on your social media content can help in boosting the SEO and make your blog more searchable, relevant and famous which is very good for your identity and brand image!

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